Nicalon™ Silicon Carbide Fiber

Nicalon™ is a Silicon Carbide (SiC) fiber that possesses high strength, corrosion and heat resistances. These fibers bring improvements to ceramics, polymer, and metal matrix composites (CMC, PMC, MMC). Nicalon™ has been used and tested in the Aerospace Industry. New innovations continue to be investigated by other industries as well.

Nicalon Cloth and Spool

Nicalon™ Product Lineup


Excellent Tensile Strength & Good Thermal Properties

  • Qualified product on multiple production programs. The process is well characterized and manufactured to specifications and process control documents.
  • Options for both High Volume Resistivity (HVR) and Low Volume Resistivity (LVR) are also available.


Great strength and modulus properties & thermal stability.

  • Under production and currently being qualified by US customers.
  • The process is fully characterized and the fiber is manufactured to internal specification.

Hi-Nicalon™ Type S

Stoichiometric beta-silicon carbide fiber.

  • < 0.5 wt% oxygen content.
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Gaining maturity in CMC applications

Fiber Comparisons

Tex (g/km) Sizing Range (wt%) Oxygen Content (wt%) Tensile Strength (GPa) Modulus (GPa) Volume Resistivity (Ω⋅cm) Density (g/cm3)
CG Nicalon™ 200-220 0.5-2.0 10.5 - 13.5 ≥2.60 ≥188 1 x 103 - 1 x 104 2.50 - 2.65
HVR Nicalon™ 10.0 - 15.0 ≥2.40 ≥174 1 x 106 - 1 x 107 2.25 - 2.40
LVR Nicalon™ 10.0 - 15.0 ≥2.44 ≥180 Lot Specific 2.40 - 2.55
Hi-Nicalon™ 190-210 ≤1.2 ≥2.50 ≥250 n/a ≥2.65
Hi-Nicalon™ Type S ≤1.0 ≥2.55 ≥340 n/a ≥2.91


Nicalon Tow


  • Standard 1800 Denier
  • Low Bend Radius
  • Filament Winding
  • Specialty Braiding
  • Thin Filament Pyrometry
Nicalon Cloth


  • Pliable
  • Plain, 5HS & 8HS Standard Weave
  • Resin Impregnation
  • Pattern Layup
  • Other Specialty Weave Options
Chopped Fiber

Felt / Chopped

  • Filters
  • Sacrificial Ply (Machined)
  • Wear Parts
  • Various Chop Length Options
  • RTM Strengthening

Additional Specs

Standard Surface Treatment Options

Sizing Designation Type Intended Use Fibers
M Polyvinyl Acetate CMC, MMC CG NL
PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol CMC, MMC CG NL, Hi-NL, & Hi-NL Type S
P Modified Epoxy PMC CG NL, HVR NL
DCC-2 Proprietary PMC CG NL, HVR NL
Other Various Blends TBD TBD

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