Non-Oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites

COI Ceramics, Inc. (COIC) is a leading developer and manufacturer of non-oxide ceramic matrix composites, produced using the Polymer Infiltration & Pyrolysis (PIP) process. This process is a versatile and robust manufacturing method that is well-suited for the fabrication of complex-shaped components. The PIP process takes advantage of the shaping capability afforded by a combination of polymeric and ceramic process steps.

COIC offers a number of non-oxide Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) materials that incorporate various types of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and carbon reinforcing fibers, SiC/Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) matrix chemistries, and matrix modifiers. By selecting various combinations of these constituents, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) can be produced with tailored properties for a broad range of industries and applications. Typically, constituents are chosen based on application-specific operating conditions such as temperature, environment, mechanical stresses, and lifetime requirements.

Non-Oxide Thermal Protection System Panel


Physical Attributes

  • High Temperature Capability
  • High Shear Stress Capability
  • Dense Matrix (>95%)
  • Wear Resistance

Reinforcing Fiber Flexibility

  • S200 - CG Nicalon
  • S200H - Hi-Nicalon
  • S300 - Sylramic SiC
  • S400 - Carbon

BN-Based Fiber Interface Coating

Typically Used For

Honeycomb Panels

Non-Oxide Ceramic Matrix Honeycomb Panel

Military Aircraft Propulsion Exhaust

Military Aircraft Propulsion Exhaust F35

Thermal Protection System

Non-Oxide Ceramic Matrix Thermal Protection

Material Comparisons

Material Name Fibers Fiber Interface Matrix Maturity
S200 CG Nicalon™ (1) BN-Based SiNC (a) Flight Testing
S200H Hi-Nicalon BN-Based SiNC (a) NASA Database
S300 Sylramicâ„¢ SiC (2) BN-Based SiC + Si3N4 (b) NASA Database
S400 Carbon Carbon SiC + Si3N4 (b) NASA Database
S400N Carbon Carbon SiNC (a) NASA Database
(1) CG Nicalon, Hi-Nicalon trademarks of NGS Advanced Fibers Co., Ltd.; (2) Sylramic trademark of COI Ceramics, Inc.; (a) amorphous matrix; (b) crystalline matrix.

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